According to Verizon, White Pages listings can be accessed directly on the Verizon website, or a printed copy can be ordered by calling 1-800-888-8448. Printed copies of the Yellow Pages phone book can be ordered online ... More »

Verizon White Pages is a phone book including residential, government and business contact information. The directory is available online or by mail-order for Verizon customers who prefer a paper book. States included in... More » Business & Finance Corporations

To check your phone messages online with Verizon, go to, type the 10-digit cell phone number and password of your Verizon account, and then click Sign In. If you do not have a Verizon Wireless online ... More » Technology Mobile

Verizon Wireless prepaid phones are available through the Verizon Wireless website and Verizon Wireless retail stores. In addition, several major retailers stock Verizon Wireless prepaid phones, including Walmart, Amazon... More » Technology Mobile

To change a phone number with Verizon, sign into an online Verizon account, and choose the option to change the number in the My Verizon section of the website. Once on that page, select the option to get a new number. More »

Prospective customers can find out how much Verizon prepaid phone plans cost by going to the prepaid section of the Verizon website. The site contains a listing of all the available options to help customers find the mos... More » Technology Mobile

A Verizon cellphone can be activated on the company's website by providing the device's ID number. This number, either an IMEI, ESN or MEID, can often be found within the device settings on the phone itself. More » Technology Mobile