Use any computer Web browser to check your Verizon email. To use this method, you need an Internet-ready computer, a Web browser and your Verizon account information. You can also use your Verizon phone application to ch... More » Technology Mobile

My Verizon offers online bill payment, paper-free billing, automatic payment enrollment, email access, contact list management, voice mail management and the ability to view and enroll in service and equipment upgrades. ... More » Technology Mobile

Monitor data usage on Verizon phones via the Usage Alerts service, which sends data alerts via text or email messages automatically at specific thresholds, or access the Data Utilization tool on Alte... More » Technology Mobile
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To navigate the home page of the Verizon website as of March 2015, open it in a Web browser, and select one of the three main categories: Residential, Business or Wireless. Alternatively, go to the bottom of the home pag... More » Technology Mobile

The Verizon Wireless AirCard is a device that a user connects to his notebook computer to establish a bridge between the computer and the Verizon wireless network. As of 2015, Verizon AirCards do not require a PC card sl... More » Technology Mobile

To set up Wi-Fi with Verizon in Windows 7, verify your Internet connection, connect the wireless adapter to the computer and configure the wireless network parameters through the Manage Wireless Networks section in the C... More » Technology Mobile

My Verizon is a free online service that allows Verizon Wireless customers to access their accounts from the wireless telecommunications provider's website. Because the service is Internet-based, customers can make chang... More » Technology Mobile