Check the balance on a debit card by calling the customer service number listed on the debit card. Additionally, some debit cards have a website where the debit card balance is available through online account access. More »

Some features of the Verizon Visa Rewards debit card are that it is a prepaid card that customers may use anywhere Visa is accepted, and customers may earn points when using the card. Points earned through Verizon's resi... More »

Check a debit card balance by reviewing a recent bank statement, contacting the issuing bank, or using an ATM to access the account with which the card is associated, advises. Many debit cards are issued aft... More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending

A Green Dot prepaid debit card works by letting users deposit a balance onto the card and spend it anywhere that accepts Visa or MasterCard debit cards or credit cards. Green Dot cards work for online purchases, paying b... More »

With most debit cards, there are multiple ways to activate them, such as calling an activation phone line provided with your card or using the card at an ATM with your PIN number. Some banks also allow activation by maki... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

Check cards, usually referred to as debit cards, work by swiping them at a register or using the number on the card for a transaction before a deduction takes place in the cardholder's bank account, according to Bankrate... More » Business & Finance Personal Banking

As of 2015, check an H&R Block Emerald Card balance through the H&R Block Mobile Banking App, by calling customer service at (866) 353-1266 or through the official website. Another way to stay up-to-date on the balance i... More »