The phone number for Verizon Wireless customer service is 1(800) 922-0204 for customers who have a Verizon Wireless subscription plan. For those with prepaid phones, the customer service number is 1(888) 294-6804. More » Technology Mobile

The contact number for Verizon customer service is 800-922-0204; for prepaid customer service, the number is 888-294-6804. Alternatively, customers can dial *611 from a Verizon mobile phone. Regular customer service is a... More » Technology Mobile

As of 2015, customers can access a variety of options through the Verizon customer service phone number, including billing, TV, Internet and phone. Customers can also obtain help with registration and sign-in information... More » Technology Mobile
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As of 2015, Verizon Wireless offers free phones at no up-front cost if the customer agrees to a two-year commitment to one of its service plans. Several models are available, and orders can be placed online and shipped o... More » Technology Mobile

Apply for service with Verizon Wireless by going to the company's website and searching for an appropriate plan or contract under the Plans and Services section. Alternately, use the company's Store Locator page to locat... More » Technology Mobile

The Customer Service phone number for Verizon Wireless customers in the United States 800-922-0204, and the phone number for Verizon prepaid customers is 888-294-6804. Customers can also dial *611 from their mobile phone... More » Technology Mobile

Verizon Wireless customers can activate their phones online by logging into their My Verizon account on the mobile carrier's official website. The Activate Device option is located on the Activate or Switch Device page. ... More » Technology Mobile