In the movie "Shrek," Donkey asks Shrek a question to which Shrek replies "yes"; when Donkey asks him, "Really?" Shrek says that he never accepted in the first place. This verbal irony is seen throughout the movie during... More »

Verbal abuse is a nonphysical form of abuse that may involve insulting, criticizing and attempting to shame the victim, explains Day One. Verbal abuse often overlaps with emotional abuse, states Manipu... More »

A funny example of irony is a woman who falls asleep reading a book about overcoming sleep problems. Other examples include a spelling exam that misspells its instructions, or a sign advertising a construction service th... More » Education Writing Literary Writing

Exaggeration, humor, irony and ridicule are common satirical devices. Such devices are used in literature or media to criticize corruption or to convey the author's belief in the foolishness of a person, group or society... More »

Thomas Hardy uses the literary devices of imagery, irony and repetition in his poem, "The Man He Killed." These devices help the poet express his anti-war sentiments. More »

The most common elements of a satire are irony, sarcasm and ridicule. Satires use verse and prose to scorn, criticize or denounce human folly and vice. More »

An example of a parody in literature would be in William Shakespeare's Sonnet 13, which was written as a parody of typical love poems from his time period. In it, Shakespeare mocks the comparisons that poets made in thei... More »