The Venturi effect is the creation of a partial vacuum when the flow of a fluid is restricted, increasing its speed of flow. Thus, a pipe with a fluid flowing through it which narrows at one point before widening again d... More » Science Physics

The Bernoulli Principle is the concept that claims that as the velocity of a fluid increases, its pressure decreases. Daniel Bernoulli was an 18th century scientist who discovered this principle. More » Science Physics Motion & Mechanics

One way to calculate the pressure drop of fluid through a pipe is using the Reynolds number, which is equal to the velocity of the liquid's flow multiplied by the diameter of the pipe and then divided by the kinematic vi... More » Science Physics
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According to Scuba Diving, the Venturi effect states that when air is forced through a narrow tube, the air particles leave the tube traveling at a greater speed than when they entered the tube. This results in... More » Science Physics Motion & Mechanics

A Venturi meter is a flow measurement device, commonly utilized in the water supply industry. A Venturi meter specifically uses a converging section of pipe to increase flow velocity. A corresponding reduction in pressur... More » Science Physics Motion & Mechanics

Some examples of cause and effect include not brushing your teeth leading to having five cavities and having to receive dental surgery, a boss being busy so his secretary has to take a phone message for him, and a boy re... More » Science Physics

Some science experiments for sixth graders include investigating the effects of music on heart rate, determining which soda has the most detrimental effect on teeth and investigating the effects of weather on mood. Sixth... More » Science Physics