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Velocity is found by dividing the total amount of space an object moved by a measurement of time and combining that with the direction it moved. Velocity is a vector, and speed is only part of this vector.


Average velocity is the displacement of an object, divided by the time it took to cover that distance. Displacement is the straight line distance between the starting point and ending point of an object's motion. Velocity is referred to as a vector quantity because it h...


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Velocity is a vector quantity measured in units of length per time. Using the United States customary unit of measurement, velocity is typically given in miles per hour, commonly abbreviated to "mph."


A change in velocity is called acceleration. It can be positive or negative, though negative acceleration, or a decrease in velocity, is often referred to as deceleration.


The rate of change in velocity is called acceleration. In the study of mechanics, acceleration is computed as it relates to time with a final unit of distance over time squared.


The velocity of a river is the speed that water travels down the river channel. The gradient or slope of the stream bed, the texture of the stream bed, and the width of the stream bed affect the river's velocity.