There are mixed reviews on the issue of whether a vegan diet is healthy. It has been known to lower the risk of heart problems, diabetes and some cancers. Vegans also tend to be leaner than meat-eaters due to their lower... More »

Some meals a vegan might eat are green apple oatmeal for breakfast, white bean hummus and soup for lunch and chickpea ratatouille with brown rice for dinner. A vegan can also have cereal with soy or almond milk for break... More »

People can follow vegan diets by not eating meat, fish, poultry or other animal products such as eggs, dairy and honey. In order to maintain their health, vegans must eat a variety of products that are nutritionally soun... More »

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To become a vegan, avoid all animal products when cooking, use vegan substitutes, and supplement your diet if necessary. Educate yourself about living a vegan lifestyle, and determine the extent to which you plan to avoi... More »

When transitioning to a vegan diet, consume enough protein, and create a diet plan revolving around necessary nutrients. Remove all meat and dairy products from the home, and purchase a vegan cookbook for ideas on substi... More »

Consequences of an unhealthy diet may include obesity, increased risk of developing a number of serious chronic health conditions and diseases and a decline in overall health. Proper nutrition and a balanced diet are ess... More »

Benefits of eating a healthy diet include easier weight loss, reduced risk for type 2 diabetes, reduced risk for certain types of cancer and a healthier heart. Additionally, eating a healthy diet provides natural energy ... More »