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Some popular Lee Reynolds original paintings include "Flower Pot," "Three Four Action," "Asian Man with Flute," "Tree Lined Path" and "Cherry Blossom." There are only about 200 original paintings and sculptures by Lee Reynolds.


The average value of a Lee Reynolds painting depends on its size, condition, subject matter and whether Reynolds actually painted it, but is relatively low, and ranges from $30 to under $2,000. Lee Reynolds is an artist who founded Vanguard Studios in the mid-1960s.


Lee Reynolds paintings can be found at many museums including the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, the Columbus Museum, the Miami Art Museum, the Palladium of American Art and the Kauai Museum. Reynolds' work can also be seen at various public locations including Los Angeles International Airport,


The value of a Lee Reynolds painting can be determined using the same process as any other work of art, by analyzing certain aspects of the piece, including condition, subject matter and rarity. These are compared to auction market standards to find an appropriate price.


Lee Reynolds was the name signed on the painting produced at Vanguard Studios in the 1960s. Lee Reynolds Burr, a Los Angeles native and graduate of the University of Southern California, did not produce the majority of the works that came out then; he simply allowed the production artists who create


You can view and purchase several items from the Vanguard Studios catalog on eBay and Etsy, as of June 2015. Lee Reynolds was the director of Vanguard Studios in the late 1960s, and many of the paintings bear his signature.


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David Lee is a Chinese-American artist renowned for his watercolor-on-silk paintings. He utilizes classical, fine Oriental brush strokes while depicting elements of nature, specifically flora and fauna, with a remarkable and accomplished sense of composition and style.


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