"The Blue Boy" painting was purchased in 1921 for $725,000. "The Blue Boy" has not been on auction since. Adjusting for inflation and assuming the painting has not appreciated in value, $725,000 equals an excess of 9 mil... More »

The painting "The Blue Boy" was purchased by Henry Huntington in 1921 for a then-record price of $725,000, which translates to more than $9.6 million in 2014. "Pinkie" was the last painting purchased by Huntington in the... More »

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The average value of a Lee Reynolds painting depends on its size, condition, subject matter and whether Reynolds actually painted it, but is relatively low, and ranges from $30 to under $2,000. Lee Reynolds is an artist ... More »

The value of a Lee Reynolds painting can be determined using the same process as any other work of art, by analyzing certain aspects of the piece, including condition, subject matter and rarity. These are compared to auc... More »

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The value of a Red Skelton painting can vary depending on the subject and the demand. Typically, canvas transfers of limited edition paintings run from approximately $2,500 to $8,000 or more, with the average price hover... More »