A laundry room utility sink is similar to a kitchen sink, but the basin is sometimes larger and they don't have garbage disposals underneath. They are often large standing basins with no cabinet below for storage. People... More » Home & Garden Appliances

The standard size for kitchen cabinets is 12 to 24 inches deep, 12 to 96 inches tall and 12 to 48 inches wide. The actual dimensions depend on local building codes and the size and layout of the kitchen. More » Home & Garden Furniture Cabinets & Storage

Under-sink pull-out storage options include pull-out step stools for children, built-in cabinets, floating vanities and open shelving. Some designers build or convert specialized pieces of furniture with pull-out shelvin... More » Home & Garden Kitchen
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Frigidaire manufactures its own line of appliances, except for its HVAC products, which are manufactured by Nordyne, and its garbage disposals and hot water dispensers, which are manufactured by In-Sink-Erator, according... More » Home & Garden Appliances

Skent N Dent primarily stocks home appliances for the kitchen and laundry room, including refrigerators, dryers, microwaves, wall ovens and dishwashers. The outlet store has a wide selection of specialty appliances, such... More » Home & Garden Appliances

Barker Cabinets and MasterBrand supply laundry room sink cabinets. Ikea and Lowe's offer kitchen base units and bathroom vanity units that are suitable for laundry rooms. The Home Depot supplies laundry room cabinets com... More » Home & Garden Furniture Cabinets & Storage

Clean your white canvas Converse shoes by hand with a toothbrush, laundry detergent or dish detergent, cold water, two small soft cloths and a sink or basin. The cleaning process should take no more than one hour to comp... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Shoes