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The electricity for the cruise control goes through fuse no. 14 in the fuse box. From there it goes to the cruise control switch. The cruise control relay is located above the fuse box in the dash.


As of 2015, you can find a used Volkswagen Thing for sale on eBay, Hemmings Motor News, CarsForSale.com, ClassicCars.com and VintageVWCars.com. Other good resources to check are your local Craigslist website and local newspaper.


Used Volkswagen Jetta parts are available online at Auto Parts Warehouse, Auto Parts Fair, Amazon.com and ChuckandEddies.com. Each website has dozens of used VW parts, and Amazon.com and Auto Parts Warehouse have the largest selections.


CarGurus and AutoTrader allow users to post listings of cars for sale, including used Volkswagen Jettas. Car sale listings on CarGurus are free, while AutoTrader charges an advertising fee.


Sources of used Volkswagen buses for sale include OldBug.com, Oodle.com and ClassicCars.com. Oodle.com features the most extensive listing, with more than 150 listings, as of December 2015.


Car owners can sell Volkswagen Jettas in person at Carmax dealerships or online through Autotrader. Carmax performs price appraisals for all makes and models, regardless of mileage or vehicle condition. Autotrader hosts online ads for used vehicles that include photos and vehicle information.


To find places that do Volkswagen Jetta repairs, use websites such as RepairPal.com, AutoMD.com and VCarShops.com. These sites have lists of auto repair shops in different cities and states.


Used Volkswagen Westfalias are available through listings at Cars.Oodle.com and ClassicCars.com. Both sites offers searches for Westfalias by price range, model year, location, keywords and other options. Cars.Oodle.com features many Volkswagen Westfalias from the 1970s and 1980s, as of 2015.


Find a used Volkswagen bus for sale at CarsForSale.com or eBay.com. As of November 2015, CarsForSale.com features 17 used VW buses for sale, while eBay.com lists more than 60 for sale or in auction.


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