Look up the value of a used RV through the valuation tools on sites such as, or Buyers are also able to check listings for different RVs on auction sites such as t... More » Vehicles

To use the Kelley Blue Book to find prices of used RVs, collect the relevant RV details, and go to the appropriate sections in the book for the RV's make and model. Check the suggested retail, trade-in and private party ... More » Vehicles Buying & Selling

As of March 2015, the prices for used RVs at the Camping World website range from $3,995 for a Georgie Boy Cruise Air to $139,995 for a 2006 Holiday Rambler Scepter. The prices of used RVs vary greatly depending on a veh... More » Vehicles
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NADA provides boat valuations for new and used boats at under the Boats section accessible from the main page. Valuations for used boats are based on prices at which similar boats have recently sold. More » Vehicles