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The pricing of used books mainly depends on the condition of the book, its availability in the market, the edition and the prices of similar books in the market. The consumer demand for the book in the current market also determines how it is priced.


Pricing software is an electronic program commonly used by companies to price their products or services in an effort to yield the maximum amount of profit. A user plugs in the data into the required fields and software returns information -- charts, graphs or text -- that allows the user an analyti


To compare prices on used tires correctly, consider the tire tread depth, age of the tires, and all the patches and defects there may be on used tires, as tires with not very good characteristics should cost less than used tires in a good condition. The uniform tire quality grade standards, or UTQG


The major considerations when pricing an iPhone 4 are the condition of the phone and the memory size. The phone's network affiliation can also affect its price.


Owners of a used mobile home can receive a manufactured home value report by submitting an online questionnaire, according to NADAguides. Alternatively, homeowners can print out the request form and fax it, or mail it to the designated address. Price estimates are based on depreciated replacement co


To price a used refrigerator, determine its make and model, examine its condition, research the current new value and look up the prices of other similar used refrigerators. The value of the refrigerator may also vary depending on where it is sold.


To price used furniture, analyze the quality, condition, size and style. Consumers are often willing to pay more for a high-quality piece, so strongly consider the build quality. The condition is also important, as people are willing to pay higher prices for furniture that looks new and has no sign


There are a number of different ways to estimate the price of a used vehicle, including using a pricing guide or used car pricing website, asking dealerships how much they would give for the vehicle as a trade in and searching listings to see how much others are asking for their vehicles. Popular ve


To determine the trade-in price of a used car, dealerships consider factors such as the condition and age of the vehicle, the potential resale value and the cost of repairs and refurbishment. Dealers also consider whether the trade-in is going for cash or toward the purchase of a different vehicle.


Multiple factors can help a seller set a fair price for used appliances, including the age, the level of wear and tear and the local demand for the appliance.