eBay does sell used outboard motors of all sizes and horsepower. Yamaha, Nissan and Honda are a few brand-named outboard motors available on the site, as of June 2015. More » Vehicles

Consumers interested in purchasing used outboard boat motors can find numerous listings on sites such as,, and Listings on these sites are typically ordered based on the ... More » Vehicles

Used Yamaha outboard motors are available at, and, as of 2015. Other sources of used Yamaha motors include and U.S. Marine Sales and Service. More » Vehicles
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To access manuals for outboard motors, navigate to the Support or Owner Resources section on the manufacturer’s website, select the model, and open the manual online as a PDF file. Alternatively, access the Marine Equipm... More » Vehicles

Small, cheap outboard motors include the Zeny 3.5-horsepower motor and the Hangkai 3.5-horsepower motor. They retail for around $370 and $365, respectively. Yamaha's pricier 2.5 Portable F2.5 motor also offers decent hor... More » Vehicles

As of 2015, the manufacturing site of Evinrude outboard motors is located in the city of Sturtevant, Wisconsin. Evinrude's parent company, Bombardier Recreational Product, opened the Sturvenant facility in 2001 before mo... More » Vehicles

Evinrude outboard motors have an identifier label, also known as a serial number label, located on the transom. This label includes the model number of the motor. Each part of the model number tells a different detail ab... More » Vehicles