There are many online outlets for finding and purchasing mobile homes, include, MHVillage and eBay, all of which offer various means of shopping for used mobile homes. These sites connect buyers with private sel... More » Vehicles

Buyers have a number of options for buying a used mobile home depending on where they live, including sites like MHBay, MHBO and Wayne Friar Factory Outlet. Buyers may also find smaller local sites and listings through t... More » Business & Finance Real Estate Finding a Home

Mobile homes for sale by owner may be found on, and The and websites both offer visitors the ability to search for mobile homes in various states.... More » Business & Finance Real Estate Finding a Home
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Motor homes are available for sale on websites such as, and, as of 2015. All three companies offer new and used recreational vehicles located throughout the United States. Custom... More » Vehicles

Used motor homes for sale by private owners are available on eBay and at Both sites allow potential buyers to search for used motor homes by location, though both feature listings from across the country. More » Vehicles

Listings of motor homes for sale by owner throughout the United States are available from Dream Finders RV and, as of 2015. Dream Finders RV offers search options including year, make and model, city, ... More » Vehicles

Flagg RV, RV Direct and Sears are just a few outlets where customers can find and purchase pop-up campers of many sizes, models and makes. There are many sites and stores where pop-up campers are sold. More » Vehicles