Consumers can find used gas-powered golf carts by visiting ATV Trader. They can also check auction sites, such as eBay. More »

Used golf carts are worth $2,000 to $4,000 or more depending on condition and age, as of 2015. The market and demand for used golf carts are strong, as many golfers prefer to purchase a cart rather than rent each time th... More »

Finding the value of a golf cart is a bit more challenging than finding the value of a car. To find the value of a golf cart, you need to perform research to find used golf carts of similar kinds to the one you are looki... More »

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Dedicated golf cart companies have the widest selection of vinyl wraps for golf carts; for example, they are available at, and Shoppers can also find pre-cut g... More »

Reviews and ratings of golf carts can be found on and are additional sources for reviews of golf carts and specifications of various golf cart models. More » has a comparison of electric golf carts on its website. It ranks 27 model of electric golf cart by seating capacity, top speed, power and approximate price. More »

Yamaha sells gas and electric golf carts directly according to Cunningham Golf Car Company also sells Yamaha golf carts, which can be found at More »