To price used furniture, analyze the quality, condition, size and style. Consumers are often willing to pay more for a high-quality piece, so strongly consider the build quality. The condition is also important, as peopl... More »

To find the best prices for used furniture, visit several stores and sales, carefully examine any pieces you want, consider fixing the furniture you own, and then haggle with the seller. Good local options for furniture ... More »

Used furniture can be purchased at estate sales, resale stores, thrift stores, yard sales and through classified ad websites such as Craigslist. Individuals can also obtain used furniture from family members and friends. More »

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In order to effectively sell used furniture, the seller needs to determine the true value of the items, consider their condition, and price them appropriately. Then, he must decide if he wants to sell the items himself o... More »

Thomasville furniture varies in price based on location and style, but sofas typically start at $1500. Queen beds normally start at $1700 and dining room sets are roughly $6000, according to Abe Abbas, the furniture expe... More »

Several companies and websites offer used school furniture and supplies in good condition at reasonable prices, including, Office Pro's and Public Surplus. The wide variety and pricing options allow cons... More »

To buy used furniture, take measurements, inspect the furniture thoroughly, check for recalls, and negotiate the price. Shop at used furniture stores, garage sales, online classified sites and auction sites when looking ... More »