While the details vary depending on the type of loom you wish to build, the simplest frame looms require only building a rectangular frame out of wood and then wrapping yarn for a warp. Other types of looms, such as inkl... More »

To use a weaving loom, first warp the loom and then weave by pulling the weft yarn through the gap between the bottom and top of the warp using a shed stick. Continue this process until you weave the whole fabric. More »

There are a number of sources available to someone wanting to learn loom weaving, such as the sites for Woolery, Craftsy and Village Spinning and Weaving. Woolery, for example, offers instruction videos on DVD for people... More »

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To make a simple beading loom, attach two smaller pieces of wood on either end of a wooden base, and attach two large eye hooks on each of the smaller pieces of wood that support the bolts that the beading thread runs ac... More »

Some tips for choosing Bernat Softee Chunky patterns include checking the gauge and needle size required, deciding on the type of item to make, choosing the style desired and making sure there is enough yarn for the proj... More »

While not an actual club, Cotton Club products are a discontinued type of yarn manufactured by Loops & Threads, as of December 2015. The Loops & Threads brand manufactures yarns exclusively for Michaels craft stores. Whe... More »

Although the traditional length of a skein of yarn is 560 yards, the number of yards varies depending on the type of yarn in question. Because a skein is based on weight, the level of weight and thickness of each strand ... More »