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Sites such as eBay, Amazon.com, Oodle and Craigslist allow users to sell used parts for Ford F-150 trucks and other vehicles online. Each site has different requirements for selling, but all allow users to post pictures and descriptions of the part, as well as set specific communication options for


Used 1979 Ford F-150s are available through cars.oodle.com and Carsforsale.com. Both sites offer search functions for used vehicles, filterable by make, model, year and condition.


Find used Ford F-150 King Ranch trucks for sale on Autoblog.com, CarGurus.com, TruckPaper.com, CommercialTruckTrader.com and eBay.com, as of May 2015. Each site contains pictures of the specific truck in question, along with details about its condition such as mileage, any exterior damage and engine


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A 2012 Harley-Davidson Edition F-150 pickup with a SuperCab has a fair market price of between $32,000 and $35,000 as of March 2015, according Kelley Blue Book. These values give a range of fair prices for a private party sale.


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Ford turns its attention to the new heavy-duty F-series pickups. Our car experts choose every product we feature. We may earn money from the links on this page. With the launch of the redesigned F-150 behind them, Ford brass are turning their attention to the new heavy-duty F-series Super Duty picku