A bill of sale is a contract often used when property such as a car is sold. It records that the item was sold on a certain date by a certain person at a particular location, and it lists the amount of money used in the ... More »

In general, a legally acceptable used car bill of sale should include the odometer reading at the time of sale, the Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN and the vehicle make and model, explains Rocket Lawyer. Used car b... More »

Some states do require a Bill of Sale when transferring the title no matter the purchase price. In the states that do require a Bill of Sale, the process can be as simple as just writing "gift" to fulfill this requiremen... More »

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A purchase agreement for a piece of real estate should include the date and amount of earnest money deposits, all parties involved in the transaction, the total purchase price, the address, and a complete legal descripti... More »

A basic land contract form, also known as a contract for deed, allows a property owner to act as the financing party for the sale of the property rather than a bank or other lending institution. It allows the buyer to li... More »

Individuals can purchase real estate in the Dominican Republic by signing and notarizing a contract of sale with the seller of the property. They then transfer the funds for the purchase to the notary's trust account. Th... More »

When creating a simple land sale contract, it is important to include the property address, a legal description of the specified property and its type, the beginning date for the agreement between the seller and buyer, t... More »