Camper trailers are built by constructing a steel support undercarriage and then framing the trailer and compartments using wood. The electrical wiring and various systems and tanks are plumbed, the roof and the trailer ... More » Vehicles

Find used campers for sale at, and, as well as and Each of these websites offers simple to use features that allow you to narrow down a search by make and mode... More » Vehicles Buying & Selling

Some different types of Conqueror camper trailers include the UEV 310, UEV 490 and the Commander S. The Conqueror company is mainly located in Australia but has locations in South America as well. There is a specific web... More » Vehicles
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A luxury travel trailer is a travel trailer outfitted with exceptional comfort, convenience and aesthetic amenities. Travel trailers are recreational trailers that users attach to the back end of a vehicle to use as a mo... More » Vehicles

Home Depot offers many well-rated cargo trailers, including the Sport Star 5-by-9-foot 2WG trailer and the Sport Star 5-by-12.5-foot 3-ATV trailer. The cargo trailers have average customer ratings of 4.2 and 4.1 out of f... More » Vehicles

As of August 2015, some RV trailers with good online reviews are the Airstream travel trailer, Nash 22H from Northwood Manufacturing and Keystone’s Cougar XLite 30RLI. According to, Airstream trailers have a re... More » Vehicles

When buying a used flatbed trailer, buyers should consider the carrying capacity and trailer type to ensure it meets their needs. Other factors to consider include the condition of the trailer, any included warranty, the... More » Vehicles