Places to find used tandem boat trailers for sale include Trailer Shopper, Boat Trader and eBay, as of March 2015. Boat dealerships, Craigslist and local classified listings are other potential used trailer sources. More » Vehicles

Sites such as Truck Paper and Trailer Shopper deal extensively in used and new heavy equipment such as tow trailers while online auction sites like eBay offer extensive catalogs of listed items, including used trailers. ... More » Vehicles Buying & Selling

There are many resale locations that deal in utility vehicles and accessories, and TruckPaper, Commercial Truck Trader and eBay are three online locations where users can buy used dump trailers or else find real-world lo... More » Vehicles Buying & Selling

Some highly rated boat trailers include those manufactured by E-Z Loader, such as the E-Z Loader tandem and single-axle trailers; LoadRite, such as the galvanized, roller, single-axle trailer; and Continental, which feat... More » Vehicles

A number of cheap boat trailers are offered for sale on eBay on a regular basis. EBay both auctions boat trailers and sells them directly through the Buy It Now feature. More » Vehicles

Tandem boat trailers have two axles and four wheels as opposed to standard boat trailers with one axle and two wheels. Whether you need a tandem axle trailer or not depends on several factors, including the size of the b... More »

Sellers do sell second-hand boat trailers on eBay as of 2015. The boat trailers are listed in varying used conditions, ranging from like new to weathered or worn conditions. Many of the listings request pickup, so it's i... More » Vehicles