Sites such as,,, and list 4x4 diesel trucks for sale. These sites contain listings for both new and used trucks from dealers as well as privat... More » Vehicles Buying & Selling

Web sites such as often has directories of used cars and trucks for sale that are searchable by car type. Local dealerships often list their inventory online as well. More » Vehicles Buying & Selling

A 4x4 truck for sale is a four-wheel-drive pickup truck being offered for sale, usually by its owner or a dealership. The denotation "4x4" means that the vehicle has four wheels with power provided to each wheel. More » Vehicles Buying & Selling

Find Chevy utility trucks for sale at, or For the most comprehensive listing, do not include the keyword "utility" in your searches of these sites, as most utility truck... More » Vehicles Buying & Selling

You can find used snow plow trucks for sale by looking on trucking classifieds sites such as and as well as on general classifieds sites such as You can also look ... More » Vehicles Buying & Selling

Diesel trucks are available for sale through the and websites. Diesel truck listings are searchable by make, model, year, price range and location on both sites. More » Vehicles Buying & Selling

To search for cars and trucks on in Rhode Island, visit the homepage and click "Cars+Trucks" under the "For Sale" section. This brings up a list of current and older listings. More »