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The USB adapter receives signals broadcast by a Wi-Fi router and then in turn transmits those signals to the computer into which it is plugged. This negates any need for plugs or bulky wireless cards by handling everything through signals.


On site IT support for residential WiFi networks is available from several sources, including GeekSquad, Geeks on Call, CallNerds and ComputerCourage. Local computer stores may also provide support and can be found by performing an Internet search for "home computer help" and including a city.


Wi-Fi is a standard wireless networking technology that allows computers and other electronic devices to communicate with each other remotely. When a product has the Wi-Fi label, it is certified to work with standard wireless networking devices.


Free Wi-Fi is commonly available from public libraries, restaurants, hotels and certain other places of business. Some cities also make free Wi-Fi available to the public in certain areas.


To set up a wireless network in Windows 7, connect your DSL or cable modem to the Wide Area Network port on your wireless router via an Ethernet cable, and create a new network through the Control Panel. After that, add other computers and devices to the newly created network.


To connect a device to a Wi-Fi network, you first need to know the name of the network and its password if it has one. You may also need to know the type of security implemented on that network.


Use a wireless network card by properly installing it in your computer, configuring it to work with your wireless network, connecting to the Internet or local intranet and testing it for proper operation. Wireless network cards come in many different forms, but most simply slide into a compatible sl


There are a several different types of wireless network programs; some helpful programs include wireless performance testing programs, network monitoring programs and wireless access point programs. Both consumer and professional routers also come with tools that can help users monitor access and op


A Wi-Fi connection allows electronic devices to connect to the Internet and communicate without the use of cords or wires. Wi-Fi, an industry term for a type of wireless local area network protocol based on the 802.11 IEEE network standard, is the most popular means of wireless communication today.


The first thing to do is set up a wireless router, which is done by connecting the device to the Internet (usually from the WAN or Internet port on the router, to the phone/modem socket on the wall), before configuring and securing the router, with setting up the network access and sharing options b