In the United States, Maryland has no natural lakes. The lakes within the state are all artificially made, often resulting from river embankments and dams. More »

Alaska and Michigan are the states with the most lakes. Alaska is home to more than 3 million lakes that measure five acres or greater. More than 40 percent of the United States’ surface water resources lie in Alaska. More » Geography Bodies of Water

Natural resources in New York State include harbors, the Great Lakes, forests, soil and minerals. Niagara Falls, the most powerful waterfall in North America, helps provide electricity for the state's population. More »

A physical map shows the location of landforms and features like rivers, lakes, ocean, mountains, valleys, deserts and different land elevations. When making a physical map, different colors are used to indicate the diff... More »

The Arizona Office of Tourism offers detailed maps of the state?s recreational and historical sites on its website, as well as a standard road map of the state and specific maps of the Phoenix, Yuma, Flagstaff and Tucson... More » Geography Maps & Cartography

In order for an area to be considered a state, it must have a permanent population, a defined territory, a government and sovereignty. If just one of these is missing, an area will not be given statehood. More »

Virginia provides online maps of the state's parks. From the main Virginia State Parks website, visitors should select the park of interest, then access individual park pages for maps, directions and facilities informati... More » Geography Maps & Cartography