Since 2009, the Navy slogan has been: “A global force for good.” The phrase was designed to motivate people to enlist. It was not intended to be a motto for that branch of the Armed Forces. More »

One propaganda slogan intended to recruit soldiers during World War I was, "Don't read American history – make it!" Another good example was, "A wonderful opportunity for you – the United States Navy." More »

John F. Kennedy's official campaign slogan was "A Time for Greatness," which appeared in his campaign brochure for the election of 1960 and in many of his promotional materials. He additionally used the slogans "We can d... More »

Along with transporting and deploying military personnel and equipment, the United States Navy responds to disaster relief needs around the world. Among their primary objectives are to win wars and deter aggression. More » Government & Politics Military

To join the Navy, contact a Navy recruiter in the local area, and meet the eligibility criteria. The requirement criteria can vary based on personal experience, educational background and personal circumstances. More » Government & Politics Military

In order to become a Navy Seal, you must enlist with your local Navy recruiter, and pass your ASVAB test. Once enlisted, there are several other requirements that must be met. Be as prepared as possible prior to enlistme... More » Government & Politics Military

The official seal of the U.S. Navy has three overlapping circles containing the words "United States Navy" and a picture of an eagle holding an anchor. The eagle is surrounded by a depiction of a chain. More » Government & Politics Military