Army unit patches denote the headquarters to which a soldier is assigned, and the patches are required on every U.S. Army uniform. These patches are generally placed on the upper arm of uniforms and are also known as sho... More » Government & Politics Military

Patches on the shoulders of army unit uniforms signify the soldier's membership in a particular unit and the unit's type of military service. Army shoulder patches vary in shape, color and design depending on the particu... More » Government & Politics Military

Some U.S. Army units deployed into Vietnam were U.S. Army Pacific, Military Assistance Advisory Group, U.S. Army Material Command and U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command. These units were each deployed separately an... More » History Modern History Vietnam War

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While there are differing opinions on exactly who qualifies as a U.S. Army veteran, the general definition is any soldier who, at one time, served in the armed forces. There is no legal definition of the term, however, d... More »

The U.S. Army Nurse Corps provides highly trained officer nurses for the Army's needs both in the field and stateside. It is one of six officer-staffed medical specialty branches in the Army Medical Department. More » Government & Politics Military

Army military bearing is posture, gestures and behaviors that are consistent with standards expected of U.S. Army soldiers. Military bearing includes presenting a professional appearance, being courteous, projecting enth... More »