To track US Airways flights, visit a global flight-tracking site such as or The US Airways website offers flight status information, but does not provide a real-time flight-tracking servi... More » Geography

You can confirm your US Airways flight on the American Airlines website. Go to and click on the MyTrips/Check-in tab, or the Flight Status tab to view information about your flight. You can also check your flight ... More » Geography

Online check-in for a US Airways flight is available through the Web Check-in page on, as of June 2015. The feature is available beginning 24 hours before the flight's departure time. More » Geography

The US Airways official site allows users to search and book flights, hotels and cars, check-in, check their flight's status and view and make changes to their flight. The website also offers Dividend Miles members the a... More » Geography

To check the status of an arriving flight, enter the flight number or departure and arrival airports and departure date in a flight-tracking site such as or Click Search to view up-to-date... More »

Visit a flight-tracking site such as or and enter the flight's departure date and number, or departure and destination airports, to check the arrival status of an individual flight. Alterna... More » Geography

To check for flight delays and cancellations, visit the Flight Status section of your airline's website or the home page of a flight-tracking site such as or Enter the departure date and f... More » Geography