Update an "A record" form to change an IP address associated with a FQDN, or fully qualified domain name. This effectively changes the IP address associated with an Internet address name, which is commonly used as a URL ... More »

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URL is the acronym for Uniform Resource Locator, and it is the Internet address for a website or a file. A URL includes a prefix, a server name or IP address of the server and sometimes the path to a specific directory o... More »

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Though computers use URLs (uniform resource locators) to connect to various websites over the internet, they do not possess their own URLs, but instead have an IP address, which is a series of numbers, usually in the pat... More »

To trace an Internet Protocol address, access a website that offers IP address look-up services, and enter the IP address to be traced in the search box to find the name of the Web host. Search the database on the websit... More »

An IP tracker is a software application that reads and converts an IP address into its host name. An IP tracker also provides location and other information pertaining to the IP address, depending on how the software is ... More »

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DNS, which stands for "Domain Name System," works like a phone book that converts a domain name or website name into an Internet protocol (IP) address, a unique number that identifies every device on a network. DNS enabl... More »

Windows users can change their IP address using the Windows Network and Sharing Center, while Mac users need to use System Preferences. Both these options allow users to enter the IP address they want to use. More »

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