Unscramble letters to make words by focusing on prefixes and suffixes to quickly identify possible solutions, along with rearranging letters to create different views and expose new possibilities. Another option is to us... More »

A good tip for unscrambling words is to identify common English prefixes and suffixes in the set of letters and remove them from the set, suggests Buzzle. This makes unscrambling a word statistically more probable becaus... More »

Locating prefixes and suffixes in a set of letters makes it easier to create words. Many words use these, so this is an effective starting point to creating a word. Rearranging the order of the letters can also help to s... More »

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Games that give players letters to unscramble include “Letter Scramble” and “Jumble.” “Letter Scramble” is a free online Flash game, and “Jumble” is a free Android game for mobile devices. More »

To unscramble a word, you can either do it yourself or you can enter the provided letters into an online unscrambler. Doing the task yourself can be frustrating and time-consuming depending on the difficulty of the word. More »

There are several sites on the Internet that can unscramble letters, including Unscramble Words and Unscramble. Parameters can only be set on these specific sites in order to unscramble a certain number of words. More » helps to unscramble words for different word games. It has a Word Finder features that lets the player enter the letters he needs to unscramble. The Word Finder shows a list of results that includes al... More »