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Microsoft Word documents are the most widely used word processing documents. They are commonly used for homework assignments, letters, advertisements, brochures and various learning activities. These documents are created using easy and useful features that make it easy...


Edit a document through Microsoft Word or a similar word-processing program. The type of document can determine what kind of editing needs doing. Editing can mean many things, from changing the properties of the file to checking for spelling and grammar errors.


Use an optical character recognition, or OCR, program to turn scanned images of text into editable content for Microsoft Word. The appropriate method for doing so varies from one version of Microsoft Word to the next.


The procedure for finding the most recently saved documents in Microsoft Word depends on the version running. For Word 2010, click on the File menu then click on Recent to display the documents. For Office 2007, clicking on the Office menu displays the documents.


People use Microsoft Word to create relatively simple documents for school projects and for work-related memos and documentation. Microsoft Word also supports images and text layout formatting that allows people to create more complex types of documents.


To create a new blank document with Microsoft Word 2010, start the program and click on File at the top left of the page; then, choose the New option from the list on the left and select Blank Document from the available templates. A new blank document page will open.


The correct name for a blank document on Microsoft Word is Document1. This is the file name displayed when Microsoft Word is opened without opening a saved document. Each additional new document opened is one number larger, such as Document2, Document3 and Document4.