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The University of Alabama was founded in 1820. The newly-formed Alabama Territory had been authorized by Congress to found a "seminary of learning" in 1818.


Old university logos may be available on the marketing portion of a university website or by searching the Internet for archived images that are no longer relevant. Individuals can also request old university logos by contacting the public relations office of the univer...


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Shields, coats of arms and animals or some combination thereof are some common symbols on university logos. Books and building structures are other common symbols.


Requirements for freshman admission to the University of Alabama include an acceptable SAT and/or ACT score, a 3.00 GPA and a completed list of college preparatory courses. Transfer students with more than 24 hours of college credit must have earned at least a 2.00 GPA ...


The admissions website for the University of Alabama is found as a subsection of the main website for the university, accessible from the "Admissions" tab on the website's header bar. Various subsections providing focused information on different parts of the admissions...


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