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North America Life Insurance can be purchased by contacting an agent of the company via its official contact form on the company's official website (northamericancompany.com). The form can also be used to express interest in the company's annuities program which requires certain information, such as


North American Insurance Company does not offer free quotes because it no longer provides new policies, according to the company website. The company has 60,000 policyholders throughout the United States for whom the company administers premiums and claims, and it aims to retain its current customer


Many people think Christopher Columbus discovered North America in 1492. However, archaeological evidence surfaced in 1960 that proved that the Vikings, specifically an explorer named Leif Eriksson, discovered North America nearly 500 years prior, in 1,000 A.D.


Universal life insurance is a type of policy where a person is allowed to choose a premium and the benefit. It allows a person to opt for a long-term/permanent protection with a lower premium.


North America is a continent located in the Northern and Western Hemispheres, between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. It is the third largest continent in the world by area, covering 9,540,000 square miles and 16.5 percent of the land on Earth. The majority of North America lies below the Arctic Ci


As of 2016, Scholastic, Simon & Schuster and HarperCollins are several of the most successful publishers based in North America. Besides many other categories of publications, all of these companies also publish books of fiction.


North America consists of 23 wholly independent countries, which include the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central American countries and Caribbean island countries. North America's southern border is where Panama meets Colombia, and water borders everywhere else. Specifically, North America is sur


The population of North America was 528,720,588 as of 2012, according to World Atlas. The 2013 population of North America is reported as 565,265,000 by Wikipedia.


North America has no capital city because it is a continent, not a country. However, the countries that make up North America have their own capital cities.


The largest country by area in North America is Canada. By population, Canada is only the third largest, trailing both Mexico and the United States.