Indexed universal life insurance provides most of the features found in other universal life policies with the added option of investing a part of the policy equity in the performance of one of the major stock indexes. T... More » Business & Finance Insurance

Unum offers term life insurance, whole life insurance and universal life insurance. Term life insurance provides coverage for only a specific period, whole life insurance is coverage that is consistent through retirement... More » Business & Finance Insurance

As of July 2015, consumers can compare Prudential life insurance policies on the company's website. Comparisons are done at two levels: general categories of life insurance policies and specific Prudential policy offerin... More » Business & Finance Insurance

Universal life insurance is a type of policy where a person is allowed to choose a premium and the benefit. It allows a person to opt for a long-term/permanent protection with a lower premium. More » Business & Finance Insurance

The chief difference between standard and term life insurance is that standard insurance builds up equity, while term insurance has no cash value when the term expires. For this reason, standard insurance is generally mo... More » Business & Finance Insurance

Certificates of insurance are a basic summary of coverage that is simply used to confirm that someone has the insurance and may list the basic features on the policy. This certificate is not the same as the policy itself... More » Business & Finance Insurance

To purchase a life insurance policy through Allianz, visit the Allianz life insurance website and call the number or fill out the Contact Us form and mark the option Like to Purchase Allianz Products. Allianz Life Insura... More » Business & Finance Insurance