The United States government is best categorized as a constitutional federal republic. This means that the United States is governed primarily by elected representatives and an elected leader, and that power is balanced ... More »

Vietnam has a communist government that has one party while other countries like the United States have two or more political parties. Vietnam is also one of the few remaining countries that relies on a communist governm... More »

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A democratic republic is a government formed in accordance with democratic principles which does not have a monarch as its leader. Its core belief is that its authority comes from and must be accepted by its citizens, ac... More »

A federal republic is a type of government made up of smaller areas such as states or provinces where the central government cedes certain powers to the individual areas for self-government purposes. The citizens of the ... More »

A republic government is a state in which the ultimate power is vested in the people who vote, and that power is carried out by representatives chosen by the citizens. It is a state in which the government leader is vote... More »

A constitutional republic is a type of government in which the officials are elected by the people. The republic must govern according to the laws of the constitution, and its actions are subject to judicial review. Alth... More »