What makes metal house planning unique is that a building can be designed cheaply, and the flexibility of such cheap raw materials allows buyers to customize the plans to their own needs. Using steel to frame a house equ... More » Art & Literature Architecture

Examples of unique floor plan styles for a house include lighthouse shapes, modern sculpture and castle-like plans. Elements that are incorporated into unique floor plans include futuristic details, unusual shapes and am... More » Art & Literature Architecture

Unique building plans for duplex dwellings include Mediterranean- and craftsman-style buildings featured at The Plan Connection. features a multifamily building with elevated wood decks in back. Morni... More » Business & Finance Real Estate
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The pros and cons of residential steel buildings include durability, faster building, flexibility, high initial cost and difficulty in building. Galvanized steel is better for residential building compared to plain steel... More » Art & Literature Architecture

To build an Earthship, use recycled tires, bottles, cans and conventional building materials. Orient the structure to face the sun, and partially bury it. More » Art & Literature Architecture

A "green" design is a building plan that intentionally makes use of natural materials, according to The goal is to minimize the use of non-recyclable building materials that clog landfills, replac... More » Art & Literature Architecture

Trash can, basement and outdoor root cellars are three good building plans. The trash can style root cellar is simple, inexpensive and suitable for storing a small quantity of vegetables. Basement root cellars require mo... More » Art & Literature Architecture