When coming up with a unique business name, consider the type of business, target audience and competition. After considering these factors and creating a list of names, research your top choices to be sure they are not ... More »

A good name for a massage business is one that is unique, looks good on different types of media and appeals to the target market for the business. Also consider the different ways the business name and logo could be per... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

There are several factors that should be considered when choosing a name for a new business; these include how it will appeal to the intended clients and how it will look on the logo, on the web and on social media. Once... More »

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To come up with a creative business name, Entrepreneur suggests coining a unique, meaningful name by merging relevant word segments, using distinct spellings of words and selecting a name that attracts target customers. ... More »

Tips for writing a business plan for a taxi service include identifying the company's target demographic, developing the key selling points that distinguish it from its competition, and outlining a realistic financial st... More »

Ideas for creating a business name include incorporating the purpose or function of the business into the name, adopting the name of a historical and mythical figure, creating a new word or phrase that summarizes the fee... More »

An example business plan for a car wash begins with an executive summary that states the name and intent of the company, followed by sections that outline the management team, the services available and the target custom... More »