Union retirements benefit retirees by ensuring that retirees do not run out of funds, says the Huffington Post. Typically, a union retirement involves a defined-benefit pension plan, which pays a set amount for a predete... More »

Retirement benefits from UFCW are Taft-Hartley trust fund payments made to vested United Food and Commercial Workers labor union members. Employers pay into the UFCW pension plan, and monthly payments are given to worker... More »

Retired employees at Chrysler are eligible for several benefits including 401(k) plan withdrawals, an employee-managed retirement plan and vehicle leasing discounts, states the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles website. Retirees... More »

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The benefits of a defined contribution plan include having control over the plan, the ability to transfer funds, access to equal benefits and possibly having access to greater funds during retirement, according to Financ... More »

One benefit of a retirement annuity fund is that it is tax-deferred, meaning that contributed funds and investment gains are not taxed until they are withdrawn, according to Another benefit to a retirement ... More »

Great-West retirement funds offer investors several strategies for accumulating funds, including individual retirement accounts, or IRAs, employer-sponsored retirement plans, Section 162 bonus plans and nondisqualified d... More »

Although there are no laws restricting retirees from working after retirement, retirees should consider Social Security, income, expenses and health care before returning to work, explains Cheryl Winokur Munk for CNBC. T... More »