Universal life insurance is a type of policy where a person is allowed to choose a premium and the benefit. It allows a person to opt for a long-term/permanent protection with a lower premium. More » Business & Finance Insurance

Whole life insurance plans come with a guaranteed accumulation of cash value and unchanging premiums, whereas universal plans include customizable death benefits, savings and premiums. Whole life insurance offers protect... More » Business & Finance Insurance

Indexed universal life insurance provides most of the features found in other universal life policies with the added option of investing a part of the policy equity in the performance of one of the major stock indexes. T... More » Business & Finance Insurance
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A life insurance beneficiary is a person or party named in a life insurance policy to get the death benefit, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Policyholders can designate one or more people as beneficiari... More » Business & Finance Insurance

A term life insurance policy is a straight-forward product where a person pays monthly premiums in exchange for a guaranteed death benefit. It is called a "term" policy because it covers the insured person for a certain ... More » Business & Finance Insurance

The terms and conditions of life insurance vary depending on the life insurance policy and the type of life insurance, according to HowStuffWorks. Life insurance is either term or permanent, and can be paid monthly, quar... More » Business & Finance Insurance

In the event that a person passes on and the life insurance policy goes missing, there are several ways to look for the policy, which include searching through the documents and personal belongings of the deceased, check... More » Business & Finance Insurance