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This is a great book -- one of the early attempts to understand human nature in the framework of scientific inquiry rather than philosophy, religion, or metaphysics.


Human Beings are “Living Souls” Naturally the best place to start our study on human nature is “the creation text.” This is the passage in the first book of the Bible that describes precisely how God created human beings:


Colin Brett is an accredited Adlerian counselor and former Training Officer of the Adlerian Society of Great Britain. He is the translator of Adler's Understanding Human Nature and the editor of What Life Could Mean to You.


The Human Code A fusion of ancient wisdom and modern psychology, The Human Code provides an accurate understanding of both self and others, beyond dogma, theory, speculation, hype or false promises.


But Jesus, for His part, did not entrust Himself to them, because He knew all people [and understood the superficiality and fickleness of human nature], and He did not need anyone to testify concerning man [and human nature], for He Himself knew what was in man [in their hearts--in the very core of their being].

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tell us about the nature of man and how he ought to live? The purpose of Understanding Human Nature (UHN) is stated as follows: "This book is an attempt to acquaint the general public with the fundamentals of Individual Psychology. At the same time it is a demonstration of the practical application of these


Adler's central aim was to help people live effectively and with a feeling of belonging to the community, and, consequently, Understanding Human Nature's focus is the person in the world, shaping and being shaped by relationships with others.


Understanding Human Nature. One of the fundamental challenges in working with people, any people, whether it’s in a team, an organisation or a culture, is the paradox that human beings are often viewed as the greatest assets in any situation and also the greatest liabilities.


Long-regarded as the handbook of Individual Psychology, Understanding Human Nature provides an accessible introduction to Adler's key concepts, with which he moved away from his colleague Freud's thinking.