The Uniform Commercial Code provides model legal rules and regulations dealing with commercial and business transactions, notes US Legal. The Code covers every facet of transactions, including creation of contracts, sale... More » Government & Politics Law

The Uniform Commercial Code, or UCC, is a body of laws, rules and regulations that governs commercial transactions. It is designed to promote efficiency and uniformity of business activities across different jurisdiction... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

The purpose of the Uniform Commercial Code is to ensure business activities are more efficient by making the laws consistent across all of the states in the United States, explains Nolo. The laws allows businesses to gro... More » Government & Politics Law
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The Universal Product Code, or UPC, database is an Internet site that compiles and organizes barcode information, including codes in the UPC system, the EAN system and the Bookland system. The database supplies statistic... More » Technology Software

The Ohio Revised Code codifies laws enacted by the Ohio government, explains Lexis Nexis. A bill becomes law after it passes the House of Representatives and the Senate and the governor signs it, according to The Ohio Se... More » Government & Politics Law

The Code of Practice for a nursery home is a code of ethics initiated by the American Nurses Association (ANA) in 1995. It is also known as the Code of Ethics or the Code of Nurses, according to the ANA. More » Government & Politics Law