There are 435 members in the United States House of Representatives and each of these members represents approximately 710,000 people, as noted by Indiana University's The Center on Congress. California has the most repr... More »

The House of Representatives is a part of the legislative branch of the United States government. As the U.S. constitution reads, the House drafts and passes federal law. As a matter on constitutional law, the number of ... More »

The term length for the U.S. House of Representatives is two years, with elections held every even year. The House has a representative for every congressional district in the United States. Each district represents abou... More »

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A list of current Georgia representatives in Congress is available in the Directory of Representatives on the website for the United States House of Representatives. GeorgiaInfo also orders representatives by district. A... More »

Complete lists of representatives for all the states are available at the United States House of Representatives website. The House website lists the representatives alphabetically by state and district or by his or her ... More »

As of 2015, some United States House of Representatives politicians include Jeff Miller, Graham Gwen, Ted Yoho, Ander Crenshaw, Corrine Brown and Ron DeSantis. Miller is assigned to the Armed Services, Intelligence and V... More »

The United States House of Representatives has three special powers not accorded to any other body: the power to start all bills intended to raise revenue, the power to impeach federal government officers (including the ... More »