As of January 2015, the school use cost for Typing Pal Online for under 100 students is $250 per year, according to Learning Services. This fee varies depending on how many students are going to use the program. A first ... More » Education Homework Help

Typing Pal helps students by teaching them keyboarding skills. Typing Pal uses animated games and exercises to provide an interactive and personalized approach to keyboarding, as of 2015. More » Technology Computers & Hardware Keyboard

One of the main differences between the individual and school subscriptions of Typing Pal Online is that the school option gives users more features. Typing Pal Online states that school accounts have the option to manag... More » Education K-12 K-12 Curriculum offers free online tutoring for students in grades six through 12. Other helpful free online resources that can assist students with homework include, and More » Education Homework Help

No download or CD-ROM is required to use Typing Pal Online, according to Typing Pal. The program gives each user a web account that can be used on any computer with high speed Internet service. Typing Pal Online offers c... More » Technology Internet & Networking

According to the Typing Pal Store, a one-year individual subscription to Typing Pal Online is 29,95 Canadian Dollars. As of January 2015, this is approximately equal to $25 in U.S. currency. More » Technology Software

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