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A roof overhang is called an eave. An eave is the edge of a roof that projects beyond the face of a wall, providing protection from the elements.


The benefits of a front door overhang are protecting doors and windows, protecting building foundation, providing shade and keeping rain away from siding. A porch overhang keeps door knobs from freezing in the winter, and an all-around overhang protects an entire building structure.


The average cost of having a new roof installed is $6,602, according to HomeAdvisor. This price is based on nearly 18,000 cost profiles as of 2015. On the low end, homeowners typically pay around $2,000 for a new roof, but it can cost as much as $12,000.


Gable, gambrel and winged gable are types of roofs. Roof types and styles are different from place to place because they are designed to shelter the structure they're covering.


Be extremely careful when conducting roofing jobs, and don't try to fix things too quickly, as it can result in getting a very serious injury. Always think through everything you need to do, and make a detailed plan. Never do anything on the roof if is wet or slippery due to water or ice; it is much


Common roofing requirements involve dimensions, mechanics and performance, as well as specifics related to fabrication, installation and possible hazards. Although specific roofing requirements vary across states, standards related to safety, installation and materials are common throughout the coun


Lowe's Home Improvement Stores offer flashings, roll roofing, roof coatings, roof panels and accessories, roof seam sealers, roof shingles, roofing tools and roof underlayments. Screws, vents, nailers, and backer boards are also available. Supplies are purchased both online at the Lowe's website or


Common roof styles include gable, hipped, mansard, saltbox and gambrel. Different roof styles contribute to the visual style and overall shape of a building and are tailored to withstand different weather conditions.


A roofing square is 100 square feet of materials. Manufacturers package normal asphalt roofing shingles so that three packages are equal to a square. They package 3-foot wide rolled roofing in 36-foot lengths, so each roll is approximately one square.


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