The three types of volcanoes are shield, cinder cone and composite volcano. Volcanoes are created when heated, melted rock, magma rises to the surface of the Earth. The three types of volcanoes differ in the type of mate... More » Science Earth Science Volcanoes

The four main types of volcanoes are cinder cones, composite volcanoes, shield volcanoes and lava domes. These volcanoes have different shapes and types of eruptions. More » Science Earth Science Volcanoes

Volcanic eruptions occur when magma builds up beneath the Earth's crust and forces its way to the surface. Natural vents in the crust allow magma passage to the surface, and eruptions occur when the magma that forms is l... More »

The three major types of volcanoes are the cinder cone, the shield volcano and the stratovolcano. Each type differs in shape, size, erupted materials and eruption type. More »

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, a cinder cone is the simplest type of volcano, built up out of lava deposits left by a single magma vent. When the vent blows lava into the air, fragments cool and solidify, falli... More » Science Earth Science Volcanoes

Mount St. Helens is a cinder cone volcano that formed through the gradual accumulation of cinders and ash at the base of the mountain. Unlike a shield volcano, such as Mauna Loa in Hawaii, cinder cones can rise sharply f... More »

Shield volcanoes form in areas where low viscosity magma comes to the surface as fast-flowing lava. The lava travels farther than other types of lava, and the steady build-up caused by this type of magma creates the soft... More »