There are nine standard varieties of tuber crops including cassava, yam, potato, sweet potato and aroids, such as carrots and turnips. Some tuber crops, such as yams and potatoes, are umbrella categories that contain a n... More »

Experts group major food crops in Asia into several categories, including rice, tree crops, vegetables, roots and tubers, maize, grains, legumes, sugarcane, coconuts and fruits. Asians grow many different types of foodst... More »

Genetically modified crops include a wide variety of foods: plums, soybeans, canola oil and vegetables such as corn, sugar beets and zucchini. Papaya is another fruit that is genetically modified, which is the result of ... More »

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Examples of root vegetables commonly consumed by humans include carrots, parsnips, radishes and turnips. A root vegetable is defined as a vegetable that grows underground and is capable of absorbing water and nutrients f... More »

Common root vegetables include carrots, beets, onions, turnips and yams. Ginger and garlic are root vegetables often used as food spices. Root vegetables grow underground, but their leaves are usually visible above groun... More »

Different types of crops include crops for eating, crops for clothing and crops for feeding animals that will be used for human sustenance. Crops can be anything from fruit that is grown on trees and used in commercial f... More »

Edible mushrooms are plentiful throughout the world, with the most popular varieties including portobellos, crimini and porcini. According to, each mushroom species offers unique nutritional benefits. Ho... More »