The two main types of roots are taproots and fibrous roots. Taproot plants have long primary roots that are used to obtain water from deep sources. Fibrous root plants have masses of fine, slender roots that branch out f... More »

To type the square root symbol, enable the Num Lock key, hold down the Alt key on your keyboard, and type the numbers 0251. If you are using a laptop computer, you must also hold down the Function key, which is not prese... More » Technology Software

Common root vegetables include carrots, beets, onions, turnips and yams. Ginger and garlic are root vegetables often used as food spices. Root vegetables grow underground, but their leaves are usually visible above groun... More » Food Food Facts Fruits & Veggies
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The two main types of root systems are taproots and fibrous roots. A taproot consists of a single large, central root with smaller side roots, while fibrous root systems consist of networks of many small roots. More » Science Biology Botany

Plant ginger by purchasing a ginger hand at a grocery store, preparing the root, finding a good location and planting the roots, or rhizomes, into the ground. You need ginger and a knife. More »

Grow winter pansies by purchasing pansies with established roots, planting them at the right time, planting them in a good location, mulching the flowers, fertilizing the flowers, and deadheading the plants. You need win... More »

In springtime, dig down 8 inches around each chrysanthemum plant with a garden spade, lift it out, and brush off any soil around the roots. Separate the younger shoots into three or four divisions, discarding older, wood... More »