The two main types of roots are taproots and fibrous roots. Taproot plants have long primary roots that are used to obtain water from deep sources. Fibrous root plants have masses of fine, slender roots that branch out f... More »

To type the square root symbol on a PC, hold the Alt key. Type "251", and release the Alt key. More »

Common root vegetables include carrots, beets, onions, turnips and yams. Ginger and garlic are root vegetables often used as food spices. Root vegetables grow underground, but their leaves are usually visible above groun... More »

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The two main types of root systems are taproots and fibrous roots. A taproot consists of a single large, central root with smaller side roots, while fibrous root systems consist of networks of many small roots. More »

To transplant an orchid, remove the plant from its original pot, brush the excess potting medium from the roots, and trim any damaged roots. Keep the rhizome of the orchid clear when repotting, and bury the rest or the r... More »

Bermuda grass needs a fertilizer that has nitrogen for strong grass blades, phosphate for strong roots and potash to help build resistance to diseases and drought. For killing weeds, use a type of herbicide chemical, dep... More »

Keep the roots of bamboo plants moist while preparing the planting space. Dig out the soil and add a layer of compost. Spread the roots before placing the plants in the hole and covering them with soil. Create a barrier ... More »