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Perms are mainly of two types, regular perm which is also known as cold perm and hot perm, which is also known as digital perm. The process of perming involves the use of two main components. The first part is where the hair is wrapped around rods and a waving lotion (perming solution) is applied to soften the hair structure.


Some of us like to get that all-natural look even when we style our hair. This perm look is tailor-made for those types of people. Not only is this partial perm done only on the lower half of your hair, but it is also done using wide curling rods to create big curls that have been tousled up to make them look effortless and natural. Back To TOC ...


Perms are a way to add waves or curls with the use of perm rods and chemicals. The resulting curl formation depends on a number of factors, primarily the size and the type of rod that the hair is wrapped around. This makes it crucial that you understand the different types of rods and select the one that is right for what you are trying to achieve.


Just like most other types of perms, spot perms rely on harsh chemicals to relax the hair before it is wrapped around a rod or a roller. The type of rod or roller used is dependent on what appearance is desired when the perm is completed.


Since these perms are not rolled to the scalp, it can be done on any hair. Be careful with thin or fine hair and this perm style because it can make the hair look flat at the roots if the rods used are smaller than purple perm rods. A partial perm look is great for those with heart-shaped or diamond faces.


Different Types of Perms for Women. Women who want a head full of curls can opt for a perm to achieve their desired look.From loose waves to cascading curls, perms can create styles that will appeal to women of all ages.Once a perm is applied and complete, the hair stays in form for a minimum of eight weeks before it begins to relax, though the perm itself lasts until the hair grows out.


As you can see, you have loads of choice when it comes to what perm to get. Even within these basic perm types, all perms are different depending on the rod type and the chemicals used to set your hair. These six perms are just a few of what you can get too – there are lots more perm types out there but these are the most popular.


The size of the perm rod you need to use depends largely on the length of the hair being permed and the amount of curl you want to have in the finished style. We all know that the different sized rods create different sized curls in the permed hair. The smaller a rod is the smaller and tighter the curls will be as a result.


The length and texture of your hair are important factors as you determine what size perm rods to use for a perm. The type of curl you desire is another important factor that will help you narrow your selection down to the rods that will help create the curl you crave.


Wave/Body Perm A type of hot perm as well which creates loose cascading waves. This is a softer look that takes about 3 hours at the salon. Better for shorter hair since it doesn’t reduce the overall hair length as much. Classic Perm This is the traditional cold perm. The intensity of curl is determined by perm rod used.