There are two kinds of partial dentures. Fixed partial dentures, also known as dental implant bridges, and removable partial dentures, also called removable dental bridges, as noted by 1-800-Dentist. More » Health Dental

Front teeth partial dentures are removable dentures that consist of replacement teeth attached to a pink or gum-colored base, according to WebMD. Connected to the mouth by a metal plate framework, partial dentures are us... More » Health Dental

Flexible partial dentures are generally considered one of the most comfortable types of removable partial dentures. They are made out of a lightweight, soft, flexible plastic. They are custom manufactured to fit each ind... More » Health Dental
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Complete and partial dentures are the two major types of dentures. Complete dentures are used to cover the entire jaw and replace all the missing teeth. Partial dentures are used when a few teeth are missing in the lower... More » Health Dental

Aspen Dental offers different types of full dentures, including Basic Full, Classic Full, NaturaLytes and ComfiLytes. The dental service also offers partial dentures such as Cast Partial, FlexiLytes and FlexiLytes Combo. More » Health Dental

Expensive dentures are of a higher quality than the cheap ones. High-end dentures are made of high-quality materials that last long, simulate the appearance of natural teeth and provide maximum comfort, whereas the low-e... More » Health Dental

Pain and loose fit are typical complaints about partial dentures, according to Jamie the Dentist. Partial dentures that are worn constantly, in conjunction with lack of cleaning, may cause problems such as denture stomat... More » Health Dental